Who we are

Based in Philipsburg, Another Ard Production (AAP) is a full-service design firm providing a wide array of master planning, architectural, engineering, interior design, and project management services to Sint Maarten and the surrounding region. Our client list ranges from private individuals, to developers, corporations and (semi-) government agencies.

We take pride in producing high-quality work. From the first sketch through construction, our talented team of experienced design professionals is dedicated to creating outstanding and innovative architecture. AAP’s portfolio includes several of Sint Maarten’s iconic designs, such as Villa Helios and Villa Alizea in Oyster Pond, and Villa M1, currently nearing completion in Indigo Bay.

AAP was founded in 2005 by managing director, Rick Eelman, following a successful career at the critically acclaimed Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).

What we can offer

AAP provides architectural services during all phases of design, permitting, construction and maintenance for both residential and commercial buildings. The scale of our projects varies from urban planning to interior design, and everything in between. Whether it is a comfortable home to enjoy life in the Caribbean; a boutique beach restaurant; or a master plan for a new development; the firm’s signature is thoughtful design.

Our personal approach to architecture places the client front and center. Understanding our client’s objectives and needs is key to creating a successful design. We highly value your input. From the start of the project, we engage in an ongoing, open dialogue with our clients. Personal commitment and clear communication are fundamental to our work process.

At AAP, we couple contemporary design with green construction techniques: sustainable technologies are an integral part of all our projects. Environmentally friendly measures range from site-specific solar design to specifying the latest green building materials and state-of-the-art HVAC equipment. We are committed to energy savings, reducing maintenance and minimizing the ecological footprint of our buildings.

We recognize that every project requires a different approach. Each building site provides a unique set of characteristics and opportunities. Comprehensive analysis of the local context forms the basis for all our projects.AAP is dedicated to developing site-specific designs, unlocking the full potential of your building site.

AAP maintains fruitful working relationships with highly qualified engineers, (general) contractors, tradesmen, and other construction professionals, both in Sint Maarten and abroad, suitable to realize any project. We are a fullyautomated design firm, employing Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM) on our projects. We also have in-house capabilities to generate 3D renderings and solar studies.

We are immensely proud of our history of delivering projects in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner. Our broad experience, creative abilities, and technical expertise make AAP the dependable partner in realizing your dream.


"When I approached an experienced Island realtor for a recommendation for an architect, he said there was only one he would consider, Richard Eelman. I contacted Rick and we started our long path together. Rick showed great patience through our search for a suitable lot, and when we were finally able to find one to our liking we commissioned AAP to provide us with a design. By the second iteration we were very close to the finished design we are currently building. The proposed design was unique and challenging. The process of working with Another Ard Production has been a smooth one generally, with the Architect listening to requests and sometimes gently suggesting they were not a good idea - and at other times enthusiastically embracing requests and turning out unexpectedly creative (and beautiful) solutions. Give and take, in other words. Working with AAP, a skilled local engineer and a builder turning those first lines into a villa could have been stressful, but has been a pleasure. Located on the Island of St. Maarten, the fully equipped boutique office of Another Ard Production brings via Rick years of experience in Holland and fuses to that knowledge gleaned in the local planning office as well as considerable knowledge of local building requirements and climate. Many things in our design would not be possible in a different climate, and only an architect with that local knowledge could unlock the full potential of our building site. Engaging an architects services is a commitment that lasts several years. Here in St. Maarten I think that it is significant that as his portfolio of finished villas grows, so do his friendships with his clients. Choose AAP and Rick will deliver for you; likely beyond your expectations."

Villa Helios

"We had a love at first sight for St Barth, but the houses over there were overpriced. As the island is very close to Sint Maarten, we decided we wanted to look for a villa over there, and made many visits. But whether it was on the French or Dutch side, we had found nothing to our liking. Therefore, we decided to build our own villa. After some research, we found a beautiful location overlooking Dawn beach, with 180° view, from Anguilla to St Barth. After that we had to find an architect. After research, we found a project of villas at Indigo Bay, with a very modern design, radically opposed to the more common traditional Caribbean. Design and drawings for these villas were done by AAP, whom we decided to contract. While living in France, 7300 kilometers from the island and our architect AAP, it was a challenge to lead this project, but with only few meetings on site and with a friendly and close collaboration by mail, the project was completed successfully. Optimization of views, outer space according to the winds, budget management, translation of our wishes, while offering options and improvements, throughout the project, are the essential qualities we encountered working together with AAP. For the duration of construction, from obtaining the building permit towards completion AAP was present, with regular monitoring site, managing the budget and meetings with the contractor. After our move to our new home on Sint Maarten, AAP was still available to help us solve some problems inherent to the contractor. We are proud of our villa ALIZEA, and happy to live there, and we proudly recommend AAP for your projects."

Mr and Mrs Chantal et Gilbert Savoret
Villa Alizea

"An unusual name…..led by a refreshingly unusual Director that I was fortunate to meet under most unusual circumstances; problematic circumstances that resulted from pursuit of a dream that has haunted the Caribbean as long as her ghosts. Who amongst us has not dared to dream of what it would take to build a villa in Paradise? I was in it up to my neck. Land had been bought. Plans had been drawn; bids had been solicited; permits were pending. Based on our completed design plans, we were in the midst of negotiating the primary villa construction contract with a local builder; a very sizable investment. At this juncture, our Project Manager, who had served as the Designer and Construction Manager, soliciting the bids for our villa in paradise, elected to leave the island. We were understandably very concerned, given the juncture of the project. Competent, on the ground Project Management skills were key to the success of our villa; without it we could not proceed. It was at this point that we were introduced to Another Ard Production, and it’s “refreshingly unusual” Director, Richard Eelman. Unusual you say? Yes, unusual in his responsive and engaging personality; he always answered his phone and he was personally engaged. Richard provided responsive, professional service throughout our challenging project. Richard took a genuine and personal interest in our villa, and worked with us through the many challenges we encountered along the way. Building a villa in Paradise is not a venture to be taken lightly. There are natural challenges (hurricanes), governmental challenges (permitting), logistical challenges (everything on this island, and in your future villa, is shipped in…) and of course labor and pricing challenges to name a few. But if you have thought about it, and read Herman Woulk’s “Don’t Stop The Carnival” cover to cover ... twice ... and you still can’t shake the dream, ... consider hiring Another Ard Production. From conceptual design through move in, Richard and his team are well positioned to provide you with a range of land planning, design, and construction and services for your project."

Name withheld by request
Another Ard Production