Coral Shore

Year: 2014
Area: 700 sqm
Type: Residential
Status: Completed

Located in the Pelican community of Sint Maarten, the Coral Shore development consists of twenty-six villas, carefully placed along the coastline. At the center of this community lies a common waterfront. Guided by meandering walkways, residents and visitors alike, are treated to a unique experience of colorful bougainvilleas, waving palm trees and spectacular marine vistas. Over the years, however, this secluded gem has fallen in a state of disrepair, resulting in an overall unattractive appearance, diminished use, and even potentially dangerous conditions.

The Coral Shore waterfront can be dissected in three distinct elements: the lush blossoming gardens, a kidney-shaped pool with adjoining patios, and five semi-private seaside terraces. A comprehensive renovation initiated by Coral Shore’s home owner’s association includes significant improvements to all areas.

Existing paths are widened and resurfaced with warm-colored anti-skid flagstones for enhanced accessibility. To unify the design, all patios and terraces are refinished in the same flagstone as well. Vegetated areas receive overdue maintenance, while voids are replanted. The central pool is completely refurbished with new finishes, electrical and plumbing. By relocating the existing pump room away from the terraced areas,undesirable noise is greatly reduced. The pool’s existing bullnose edge detail is reconstructed in natural stone also.

A series of new concrete parapet walls redefines the existing fragmented layout in clear lines while providing fall-protection where required. Both existing and new sea walls are either refinished with a durable skim coat, or clad with coral stone. Along with two new terraces, several concrete stairs are introduced for improved access. Throughout, new minimal lighting is provided along main walkways and at the sea walls. The battered palapas are repainted and covered with new dried palm leaves. A serpentine bench is added to the northwestern seaside terrace, offering a front row seat to a striking sunset.

In close collaboration with Coral Shore’s residents, AAP successfully transformed the dilapidated waterfront into a functional and welcoming communal space, reviving its splendor of days past.

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