Indigo Professional Park

Year: 2013
Area: 9,500 sqm
Type: Commercial
Status: Study

Widespread in the United States and Europe, the typical green suburban business park with ample parking, is not commonly found in the Caribbean, nor in Sint Maarten. Contributing factors are the lack of highways and inadequate urban planning instruments on the smaller Caribbean islands. Instead, business properties form an integral part of the built environment, which organically grows along existing infrastructure arteries. Increased traffic progressively burdens the network of roads, at times resulting in traffic jams.

Recently, several office buildings have been developed along Juancho Yrausquin Boulevard on Philipsburg’s periphery. Although highly visible from this busy corridor, most of these buildings, however, lack crucial parking space for both visitors and employees. Due to the absence of (continuous) sidewalks, safe pedestrian access remains a concern also.

Halfway between two of Sint Maarten’s commercial hubs (Philipsburg and Simpson Bay), Indigo Bay Estates (IBE) includes four and a halve acres of prime valley land zoned for office park development: Indigo Professional Park (IPP). Bordering IBE’s green corridor, IPP provides a representative, secure business environment with sufficient parking.

This 18,000 square meter development, caters to a high-end corporate clientele which values a landscaped safe business environment. The park includes three 1,200 square meter lots along IBE’s main access road. These parcels allow a maximum of 720 square meters of gross floor area (GFA). Along the lake, smaller 800 square meter lots are available with maximum 480 square meters GFA.

Future IPP buildings must meet a prescribed GFA to parking ratio, and integrate all parking spaces within their footprint. This approach safeguards the green character of the envisioned business campus. A preference for contemporary architecture with restricted building heights and limited signage complement AAP’s vision for this unique business park. IPP is planned as a gated development, yet it is accessible to IBE residents who may enjoy the grounds and make use of its convenience center.

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