Villa Alizea

Year: 2010
Area: 625 sqm
Type: Residential
Status: Completed

The commission for this three-bedroom villa in Oyster Pond came with a set of challenges: a barely accessible site, a request for an outdoor sitting area sheltered from the wind, and a desire for privacy in the community as well as privacy within the villa itself. Located on the east coast of Sint Maarten, the project site boasts stunning ocean views.

By placing the structure at the high end of the lot, adjacent to the public road, both convenient vehicular and pedestrian access are achieved. This approach also ensures unobstructed views, even in case of future development to the east. A short downward ramp leads to a three-car parking area and a compact apartment on the same level. Aside from access to the courtyard above, the open garage staircase provides natural light to the parking. Groceries or luggage are effortlessly moved up to the main level pantry by use of a dumbwaiter.

On the main floor, the building program is grouped around a courtyard, which provides access to all interior spaces as well as the pool. Two physically separated bedroom suitesare strategically placed towards the east, protecting the center patio from cool trade winds earlier in the year. A master suite forms the southern wing of this level. Intersected by the entrance walkway, both the pantry and kitchen are located west of the plaza. To the north, the indoor living room looks out over the endless ocean beyond the infinity pool. This spatial arrangement creates an intimate central outdoor chamber with sightlines to the Atlantic Ocean, Oyster Pond lagoon and Saint Barthélemy. Hardwood patio flooring emphasizes the outdoor living room concept, while all interior floors are finished with gray ceramic tiles. Throughout the residence, each space is uniquely shaped and oriented to accommodate its functional use.

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